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Captioning & Described Media
Accurate. Affordable. Reliable.

Captioning & Described Media
Accurate. Affordable. Reliable.

Captioning helps make environments fully accessible for everyone. Whether its live audio content like lectures, speeches and seminars, or recorded audio visual content like videos and podcasts, all of our captioning and described services are available to give our members the opportunity to provide accessibility at a low cost.

Who We Serve...

Our team’s experience allows us to work across multiple industries. Whether you work in a school or at a startup, our team can accommodate your captioning needs.

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Higher Education

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Our Services

Remote Real-Time Captioning

Our captionists will listen to your live event or class remotely and provide access for your client(s) or student(s) in real time.

Captioned Media

We add captions to video content used in the classroom, on an e-learning platform, or anywhere else.

Audio Description

We can make your media fully accessible by adding vivid, succinct, and objectively narrated descriptions of prescient visual content.

Remote Real-Time CART

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is provided remotely when access to every single word is necessary.


Written transcripts of audio only recordings (not fully accessible for video applications).

Learn More About Our Services

If you need to make live events or videos accessible, our Captioning and Described Media Services can help you. We offer remote real-time captioning, video captioning, transcription, audio description, and more. Our team of creative writers and STEM specialists strive for 100% accuracy, offering a human touch in discovering and implementing solutions for your access needs.

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