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Captioning & Described Media
Accurate, Affordable, End-User Focused

Captioning & Described Media Accurate, Affordable, End-User Focused

We help make your classrooms, meetings, labs and other audio environments fully accessible for your students and clients who need access. Whether its live audio content like lectures, speeches and seminars, or recorded audio visual content like videos and podcasts, all of our captioning and described services are available to give our members the opportunity to provide accessibility at a low cost. View our Service List for full descriptions of our offered captioning services.


Remote Realtime Captioning

Remote Realtime Captioning - Text Interpreting

Also known as C-Print, this service is able to provide captions remotely for one-on-one meetings, webinars, classroom environments, or events. Real-time captioning provides a clean and concise, meaning-for-meaning transcript. This service is often preferred by clients who may not speak English as their first language or are seeking shorter transcripts.

A small team of two providing remote captioning.

Communication Access RealTime Translation (CART)

Remote Realtime Captioning - Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

CART provides near-verbatim speech-to-text captioning for clients seeking realtime access for classroom sessions or meetings. CART is also available for webinars and large-audience presentations and events, such as commencement ceremonies.

A woman typing a transcript.

Captioned Media

Captioned media services provide accessibility for video and audio media. Through this service, clients can request verbatim transcripts or captions for their videos, recorded webinars, or podcast episodes. We provide quality-assured transcripts and caption files in a variety of formats to meet the needs of our clients.

Audio description recording session

Audio Description

Our audio description service makes video media accessible for our clients by transforming the visual elements into audio. We provide extended descriptions through our in-house team of scriptwriters, voice talent, and video editors with experience in educational media accessibility.

Two people at a table planning media with captions.

Accessible Media Planning

Media planning is available as a service if your school or business has never provided video or audio accommodations, but is ready to do so, we can help you get started. At no charge for Members, we'll help you create a basic implementation plan, starting with the most important and common media.