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Inclusive Tech Entrepreneurship Program

Inclusive Tech Entrepreneurship Program

ITEP is an integrated career development program for college students interested in building a Public Interest Technology (PIT) business career focusing on addressing equity challenges experienced by people with disabilities and underrepresented minorities, and it will cultivate discussion around PIT entrepreneurship.

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The ITEP Mission

ITEP will provide a unique opportunity for students with disabilities and from underrepresented minorities to launch their startups to address social problems caused by non-inclusive technology.

The Inclusive Tech Entrepreneurship Program (ITEP) aims to:

  • Cultivate a pipeline of next generation entrepreneurs who will approach structural inequalities faced by people with disabilities and underrepresented minorities to provide solutions combining the knowledge of digital innovation and public policy
  • Stimulate discussion to define PIT entrepreneurship.

The ITEP Structure

Admissions for ITEP was exclusively open to students with disabilities and students from underrepresented minorities who attend universities located in metro Atlanta. We admitted 15 students.

Focusing on challenges specifically related to the disability divide and racial equity, ITEP will provide instruction, mentorships, externships, and business coaching to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs.


ITEP Outputs

ITEP will have three major outputs:

(1) a scalable career development model for PIT entrepreneurship

(2) business canvases for inclusive tech

(3) a research paper discussing PIT entrepreneurship

We will share the outputs as we develop them.


More About Public Interest Technology (PIT)

Public Interest Technology adopts best practices in human-centered design, product development, process re-engineering, and data science to solve public problems in an inclusive, iterative manner—continuously learning, improving, and aiming to deliver better outcomes to the public.

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