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Accessible Solutions for All

Accessible Solutions for All

Our services support instruction, research, development, certifications, evaluations, and data analysis to further serve the needs and increase opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Reaching across industries, we remain a resource for our education, government, non-profit, and corporate members.

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Our Services

As we expand our educational initiatives, our team continues to provide high-quality, accessible, and inclusive products to our Members. Ranging from braille to digital compliance, CIDI is your one-stop shop for affordable accessibility.



On demand braille services customized for your school or organization or already available in our library.


Transform any book or document into an accessible format or check if it's already in our library.

Captioning and Described Media

Affordable remote realtime captioning, transcription, audio descriptions, and more.

Tools for Life (TFL)

Providing assistive technology demonstrations, software solutions, training, and tech support.

Student Accommodation Manager (SAM)

A powerful web based database to manage student disability data and accomodations.

Digital Accessibility

Compliance services and training to ensure your company and its products are accessible.

Customer Support

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