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Focusing on Abilities, Not Disabilities

Focusing on Abilities, Not Disabilities

Our research focuses on inclusive design of built and digital environments for all ages and abilities. The goal is to maintain and enhance independence in all areas of life through accessible technology solutions.

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Maureen Linden Named New Associate Director of Research

Maureen Linden has been appointed as the new Associate Director of Research for the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI).

“I am very proud to be the Associate Director of Research.” says Linden. “We have a remarkable team of professionals here, who represent a breadth of knowledge around disabilities and technology.” 

CIDI is unique in that it offers services in accessibility as well as research, with the CIDI team being comprised of people who are experts in providing assistive technology and educating the public on its uses. This special dynamic offers the opportunity for research to inform the development of services to better assist people, and services to inform research and assist in its progress to improve conditions and technologies. Linden explains, ““The research that we do at CIDI is very applied. It must be firmly grounded in current rehabilitation practices that provide people with disabilities access to their communities, education, and employment.”

As the Associate Director of Research, Linden will focus on identifying synergies between research and services to help unify the department, encouraging collaborations within and outside the Institute, aligning research to CIDI and Institute strategic planning, developing the current research program, and guiding professional development for the research faculty.

Our Research

CIDI's acclaimed research spans across all areas of life, demographics, and barriers. Our team also mentors and supports students, and provides opportunities to participate in studies large and small throughout the year.

Accessible Education

Identifying ways to make education more accessible to students.

Accessible Workplace

Identifying accessibility barriers to participation in the work environment.

Assistive Technology (AT)

Identifying appropriate technologies for individuals.

Technology & Aging

Identifying technological solutions for aging individuals and populations.

Student Research

Supporting students from a broad range of disciplines through research assistantships and project mentorships.

Research Opportunities

Interested in participating in studies and focus groups? Find opportunities here.


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