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G3ICT Higher Education Survey

G3ICT Higher Education Survey


The Accessibility in Higher Education Survey is a joint effort between AMAC, The Global Initiatives for Inclusive ICT (G3ict) and Georgia Tech with funding from AMAC. The objective of the survey is to identify the gaps and needs of post-secondary education and their commitments as measured by regulations, policies, and programs; their capacity to implement inclusive environments; and their outcomes.

This study focuses on the successful practices for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility with the purpose of developing a roadmap for accessible ICT practices in higher education. The results of this study will contribute to inclusive higher education concepts and will support nondiscrimination based on different abilities.

AMAC and G3ict have jointly identified a need to advance and accelerate the adoption of successful ICT accessibility practices aligned with the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities around the world. There are countries that have made proven progress toward implementing ICT accessibility policies and practices within post-secondary education. This exploratory study will fill the gap investigating accessible ICT practices in higher education institutions around the world using survey methodology to collect data.