Assistive Software Knowledgebase

The Assistive Software Knowledgebase is an online resource that employees with disabilities, employers, and rehabilitation professionals can use to make informed choices about selecting, acquiring, and using specialized computer software in the workplace.

Workplace accommodations, especially specialized computer software, can be essential for many people with disabilities to gain and maintain employment. Computer access software (e.g., speech recognition, screen reading) can enable a person with a disability to use a computer. Computer applications can also help people perform other tasks that they might otherwise find difficult, such as keeping a sschedule, reading documents, or communicating with others.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of information about these applications. For example, a person who needs a screen magnification program may find several options from major assistive technology (AT) vendors, but which will best fit his/her needs? Is there a freeware version that might work as well? Is the program compatible with the person’s computer? Is there an option that will run on an iPhone? There is a need for a centralized resource that provides this information.

The Assistive Software Knowledgebase will be a tool that employees with disabilities, employers, and rehabilitiation professionals can use to make informed choices about selecting, acquiring and using assistive software. The site will include searchable information about features, usage tips, compatibility, and user experiences with a variety of software (e.g., screen readers or scheduling apps).

Much of this information will be generated through crowd sourcing. Stakeholders will be encouraged to submit reviews about the software/mobile apps that they use.

Products of this project are the Assistive Software Knowledgebase, a mobile app version, and trainings on workplace apps. Anticipated outcomes are that stakeholders will be able to explore accomodations that better fits their needs, are more likely to be used, and may be less expensive.


Explore the Knowledgebase

A preliminary version of the resource is available at


Participate in Our Research

  • Assistive Software Reviews

Throughout the project we will be engaging people with assistive software experience.  We would like to learn about the software that you use or recommend.  Post a product review at:

  • Teleworking Software Accessibility Matrix

In response to the increased number of people working from home during Covid-19, we are developing a matrix of teleworking software accessibility features.  Please consider posting a review of the software combinations that you are using:



Training Activities

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars on assistive software and apps, including findings from the development of our teleworking software accessibility matrix.

Meanwhile, enjoy a related series of webinars hosted by members of our team from Georgia’s Assistive Technology (AT) Act project along with the Washington AT Act project.  Topics have included Apple Accessibility, Reading Solutions, and Communication Apps for those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Papers & Presentations

Phillips, C. and Milchus, K. (2020, March).  Two New Workplace Accommodation Decision Tools. Presentation at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.  Anaheim, CA.

View Presentation


Milchus, K. & Phillips, C. (2019, June). New Crowd-Sourced Tools to Inform Workplace Accommodation Decisions, in Proceedings of the RESNA 2019 Conference.  Toronto, Canada.