Chantal Kerssens

Executive Director

More than two decades of experience in academic medicine, healthcare technology and the start-up world have prepared Chantal Kerssens well for running a dynamic, sustainable operation that uses science to develop and deliver cutting-edge products and services to those in need. She is extremely proud of the CIDI team and the difference they all make in the lives of people born, living, and aging with disabilities. Designing for everyone rather than the happy few is the right thing to do. 

During the last decade, Kerssens immersed herself in the intersection of technology and accessibility. Through working with mobile technologies designed for older adults (including caregivers and those with disabilities), she found that inclusivity is often not a part of early design or research cycles. As a result, she said, CIDI’s mission to assure access for all people is highly motivating.

Kerssens spent the last five years running eyiapp, a digital health consulting business. Previously she was the vice president of research and clinical innovation for SimpleC, a tech startup that developed assistive technologies for older adults with dementia. She was also an assistant professor at the Emory School of Medicine, where she conducted human memory research.