Meet GT Squared

K. James Monroe

James helped start GT Squared because as a queer, trans, neurodivergent person they want to create change for the liberation of all people; “nobody's free until everybody's free" as Fannie Lou Hamer said. 

James has been a Digital Media Specialist with the E-Text team since December 2016. During their time at CIDI they have researched the impact of disability on image processing and the neurological mechanisms of learning from images, integrating this knowledge to innovate alt text writing in a way that reduces cognitive overload and allows for more learning. 

Ciara Montes

Ciara started with Tools for Life as an intern in 2017 during her Master’s Program at Georgia State for Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling. She is now an Assistive Technology Support Specialist and works with the Direct Services team to provide loans, demonstrations, and trainings of assistive technology to people with disabilities.  

GT Squared is something that Ciara wanted to be a part of in order to increase diversity and inclusion in her own workspace. It’s important to Ciara to work somewhere where everyone can feel included, be their own person, and feel like they can make changes when necessary. 

Shaina Walker

Shaina has been the Marketing & Events Coordinator at CIDI since 2019. After spending over 10 years marketing within several industries, Shaina is excited to bring new ideas and build out campaigns that make a real connection to everyone that interacts with CIDI. 

Shaina joined GT Squared in a conscious effort to not only be a voice for an underrepresented demographic, but to also find more collaborative ways to contribute to countering biases and stereotypes and helping to ensure that all voices are heard fairly. 

Zerrin Ondin

Zerrin has been working with CIDI as a Research Scientist since 2015. Her research focus lies at the intersection of inclusive design and human computer interaction in the educational context.  

As an international research faculty member, Zerrin acknowledges the importance of inclusion and diversity. She joined GT Squared to be part of the discussion to make the voices of people like herself heard.   

Sheryl Ballenger

Sheryl Ballenger, Ph.D. is an education researcher and practitioner fascinated by how adults learn. Sheryl has an earned doctorate from the University of Georgia in adult education. Her research areas are transition to adulthood for Deaf emerging adults and best practices in educational access. She is nationally recognized in the field of access for Deaf individuals, transition, ICT accessibility, and disabilities. Sheryl manages the Captioning and Described Audio Services unit. 


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