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Marianna Moores

Marianna Moores

Marianna is a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology pursuing an MBA degree specializing in Management of Technology (MOT). Please read more about her and her startup idea below.


What is your startup idea?

A solution for adolescents with chronic conditions, including a wearable and accompanying platform, that enables a community that increases and promotes social inclusion and connection for the adolescent, lowers the risk for adolescent mental health issues, and engages adolescents in their healthcare journey.


What type of social justice issue(s) does your startup idea focus on?

Inclusion and normalcy for adolescents with chronic conditions, who often have disabilities.


How does your startup idea promote equity for its target audience?

Providing access to a community of “like” individuals allows for continuing mental health support. We also focused on creating a solution that had multiple modes of communication so that we could serve all chronic conditions. For example, the wearable would be able to vibrate or light up when another user with a similar condition is close to them instead of only having a written notification on a screen.


How will your startup advocate for its target audience (people/community for which you are aiming to promote equity)?

Providing equitable access to the platform would be imperative from development of the product to technology choice to pricing and beyond.


How did ITEP help you with your entrepreneurship journey?

ITEP provided great access to startup mentors that were able to guide me through many twists and turns of figuring out if a business is worth building. I also found the bi-weekly lectures helpful in expanding my knowledge of how to build better (products and platforms) for those that are challenged in different ways.


Do you have any other comments?

Great job ladies & gents! I really enjoyed y’all’s support over the past few months. I know that what I have learned in this program will stick with me, and that I will be able to continually apply it in the corporate world as well as startup land.