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Joe Griswell

Joe Griswell

Joe is a graduate student at Georgia State University pursuing Juris Doctor degree and MS degree in Data Science. Please read more about him and his startup idea below.


What is your startup idea?

A free legal research platform that is comparable in quality and content to subscription-based platforms, and analytics driven regarding interpretation of legal rules.


What type of social justice issue(s) does your startup idea focus on?

Legal access.


How does your startup idea promote equity for its target audience?

The content available through subscription-based platforms is significantly better--both in scope and depth--than the free alternatives. I hope to bring equity by making access to the tools to understand your legal rights easier to access and navigate.


How will your startup advocate for its target audience (people/community for which you are aiming to promote equity)?

To a degree, I'm promoting the ability to be a better self-advocate rather than advocating for a particular group. As a threshold manner, equity cannot exist without equal access to information.


How did ITEP help you with your entrepreneurship journey?

Principally, focus. I'm a "big-picture" person, which is a negative when you are trying to solve one problem.


Do you have any other comments?

Thank you! It was meaningful for me to have a space to explore my ideas while being encouraged to address what I felt was important regardless of scope. No matter the outcome of my business idea, I've grown as a person.