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George 'Chip' Greenidge

George 'Chip' Greenidge

George is a graduate student at Georgia State University pursuing a PhD degree in Sociology. Please read more about him and his startup idea below.


What is your startup idea?

My startup, The Greatest MINDS, aims to develop a web-based application for talent management for corporations and nonprofits to get access to black and minority candidates for their position in entry level and internships. The Greatest MINDS brings bright talent to corporations, community, and nonprofit organizations


What type of social justice issue(s) does your startup idea focus on?

The Greatest MINDS focuses on helping to develop college to career pipeline for Black and Minority students through mentoring and job training.


How does your startup idea promote equity for its target audience?

My startup promotes equity by providing new supports, new programs, and a new avenue for young people to be connected and networked in corporate and community jobs - thus providing meaningful employment for minority populations to develop their economic sustainability.


How will your startup advocate for its target audience (people/community for which you are aiming to promote equity)?

The Greatest MINDS will advocate by providing resources and training college students with workplace skills to make them competitive in the job market thus making them employable.


How did ITEP help you with your entrepreneurship journey?

ITEP provided mentorship and resources and a cohort approach to help me think through all the issues that a startup might encounter. It is hard to do this work alone. ITEP provided a safe place where minority and people with disabilities are able to compete in the creative and technology market to help forgotten about population get the same access as well-off individuals with resources.


Do you have any other comments?

ITEP is a great program!